Partnering with the newest generation of founders, building companies that resonate with their own era and beyond

Truly investing and supporting entrepreneurs right from the start of their journey, we love taking risks and championing bold ideas.

We're on the lookout for tech companies across all sectors, as long as they're dedicated to solving real problems for the next generations.

Once you're part of the Enzo family, our international community is at your disposal. We're committed to backing you every step of the way, from the early stages to IPO.

Always Mediterráneo

Enzo's investment style takes a cue from our roots in Barcelona. Living our best Mediterranean life has taught us to keep it real, build tight connections,  and bringing a touch of sentiment to the table. We're all about those long-lasting relationships, because when you invest with heart, success just flows naturally.

Living the present, ALL IN on the future


We're convinced the world is in for a wild ride thanks to Gen Z. These digital natives aren't just shaking things up socially but are also making their mark in the professional world.


Gen Z's way of doing things is totally different from what we've seen before. They've grown up in this crazy digital age, effortlessly navigating a world that's always connected. It's a game-changer, and we see a massive opportunity for companies to step up and not just meet, but seriously improve the lives of this tech-savvy generation.

Why are we so confident about this? Well, it's because we're right there with them. As part of Gen Z ourselves, we get companies and tech like no one else. We're not just investors; we're speaking the same language. So, at Enzo, we're on a mission to back the companies that Gen Z will vibe with, and we're doing it with the insider's edge that only we bring to the table.